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Site Assesment
and Forecasting
at your Fingertips.
Transforming Vineyard
Site Assessment and Management.
We've taken vineyard evaluation reports to the next level, but we're not stopping there. Our grant from the Virginia Wine Board is also funding daily forecasts and disease modeling (coming soon), all at no additional cost. Create an account and a Vineyard to get started.
Create a Vineyard
Our Site Evaluation Report summarizes soil, climate, and topography information, and estimates grape cold hardiness and growing degree days in just minutes.

Initially developed with funding from the Virginia Wine Board, GeoVine currently provides services at no additional cost and is maintained thanks to Virginia Tech's Center for Geospatial Information Technology.
To view samples of our Site Evaluation or Forecast Reports, click on any of the logos above.
GeoVine Tutorials
If you need help, or to learn more about how to use all of our services, visit our tutorials section.